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Wednesday Apr 8, 2015

Socializing begins 6:15 pm • Meeting begins 7:00 pm
Meeting concludes by 9 pm

SCL Conference Center
15 West 39th ST, 3rd floor NYC
(betwn. 5th and 6th Avnues)
Note: if you arrive after 7PM, you must
buzz the 3rd floor for admission.


Speaker: Jim Freeman

Topic: Let’s Get Small: Mini and Micro Orchid Species

Indoor growers always want more more more orchids! but seldom achieve more space for them. Easy solution: grow small orchids!

Jim Freeman will give the “Real Orchid Geeks” version of his upcoming NYBG class, featuring Angraecoids, Dendrobiums, Draculas, Masdevallias, and Pleurothallids galore!

General info about each group and then more details about individual species: cool foliage, funky flowers, and growing tips. Get ready to dust off your magnifying glasses, as we get small with miniatures!

And don't forget the SEPOS orchid show in downtown Philadelphia, April 24-26.

If you are not yet a member, you can try before you buy! You are invited to attend a meeting to see what it"s like, even before you join.

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Learning from fellow hobbyists with similar interests and growing conditions is the best way to achieve success! Our members are happy to share their tips and expertise. We grow on windows, under lights, in greenhouses and gardens, here in New York City!


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