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Wednesday May 11, 2016

Socializing begins 6:15 pm • Meeting begins 7:00 pm
Meeting concludes by 9 pm

SCL Conference Center
15 West 39th ST, 3rd floor NYC
(betwn. 5th and 6th Avnues)
Note: if you arrive after 7PM, you must
buzz the 3rd floor for admission.


Topic: The Hard Science of Orchid Growing

There is no denying that horticulture -- plant grow- ing, that is -- requires both skill and knowledge. Those of us who have been growing garden plants and/or houseplants for a long time claim to have a “feel” for when our beloved green critters are doing well and when they need a little extra help. We know they look better after being repotted and cleaned up. We love every new growth, every new root, and especially every new flower spike!

But we can’t ignore the science of our passion. Orchids require correct amounts of light, water and nutrients in order to thrive. They need the right range of temperatures, at the right times in their growth cycles, in order to survive and bloom. Can you enjoy a hobby without doing some homework? Well, not really...but that homework pays tangible benefits!

Bring snacks, and questions, and LOTS of Show Table plants, and let’s all learn to grow better!

If you are not yet a member, you can try before you buy! You are invited to attend a meeting to see what it"s like, even before you join.

pretty picture Why join a local orchid society?

Learning from fellow hobbyists with similar interests and growing conditions is the best way to achieve success! Our members are happy to share their tips and expertise. We grow on windows, under lights, in greenhouses and gardens, here in New York City!


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